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We've Got Everything Under Control



We've Got Everything Under Control


OFFSHORe rov operations

Advances in mini ROV technology, economic downturn pressures and willingness for industry to change and adapt to the times brings AUS-ROV to the forefront of the OFFSHORE INDUSTRY. 

Oil and gas production, wind and wave energy generation, subsea cable and pipeline installation and offshore construction make up just some of the activities taking place on our oceans. Successful execution of these activities relies on ROV technology for underwater intervention and inspection.



Wind energy and wave energy

Sustainability is a key focus of AUS-ROV's environmental objectives. Supporting renewable energies through ROV technology synthesises with our attitude and the direction humanity is heading. Our capability and experience with wind and wave technology extends across international waters. The renewable energy sector engages AUS-ROV and our partners for inspection and installation of critical infrastructure. If you are seeking highly experienced and qualified support for your renewable operation then drop us a line by clicking the button.


oil & Gas

Collaborating with the world leading expert on mooring chain failure, AUS-ROV Integrity Engineers inspect offshore structures with confidence. We perform light work class functions and deploy miniROV technology to inspect infrastructure to depths of 1000m and beyond where required. AUS-ROV provides inspection of offshore platform, jack up rig legs, SGS Legs, spud cans, FPSO turrets, moorings, risers and hulls. AUS-ROV’s specialist industry engineers with over 20 years’ experience oversee offshore inspections.  Our proven systems deliver high definition live video and can be integrated with a multitude of subsea tooling to perform almost any subsea job.  We can provide CSWIP 3.4U Inspectors, ROV Pilot / Technicians & Supervisors and the ROV technology and equipment desired to get the job done cheaper, more effectively, more efficiently, safer and with professional confidence.

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Subsea pipelines & cables

AUS-ROV was established in collaboration with one of the worlds leading cable trenching experts whose lifetime's experience working on subsea cable and pipeline installations provides significant confidence in AUS-ROV. There are thousands of miles of pipes and cables beneath our oceans. Commercial, legal and operational considerations demand that these remain in good order. This requirement creates a constant need to verify location, condition and burial status. AUS-ROV can provide pre and post-survey for pipe and cable lay projects. Cable trenching support and depth of burial surveys can be carried out using our DOE M5 ROV integrated with Teledyne TSS or Innovatum SMARTRAK cable and pipeline locating systems. AUS-ROV can achieve your requirements at a fraction of the price of the multi-national ROV companies.






Water industry means any operations associated with the provision of water services or sewerage services. Planning, design, construction, and maintenance are relevant business activities within both public and private water sectors. ROV's are becoming an invaluable tool in the effective management of water industry activities and AUS-ROV has been instrumental in the development and promotion of ROV technology implementation into the Australian Water Sector.



AUS-ROV provide dam infrastructure inspections conducted using ROV's and are experienced with intake tower structure and valve inspections. Often in low light and poor visibility we employ low lux cameras and sonar technology to aid guidance and identification of submerged structures and their condition. AUS-ROV has been performing inspections of dams, weirs and reservoirs for many years and our experience and understanding makes AUS-ROV a prime candidate for inspection of your civil assets. We perform dam inspections for SEQ Water, SunWater, Corporate Dynamics, GHD and CS Energy. We have a track record for delivering vital information in correct engineering terms that would be expected in this line of work. We are engineers working for engineers.


water TANKS

AUS-ROV is an Australian industry leader when it comes to 'in-depth' water tank inspections. Our fire water tank inspections exceed the AS1851-2012 standard by visually inspecting the internals of the tank with an ROV. If you're in the market for water asset inspections, we recommend asking for a sample report or testimony from your candidates in order to benchmark the end product. AUS-ROV provide the most comprehensive tank inspection reports on the market. There's a reason why companies like Shell, BP, Origin, Santos and Veolia Water choose AUS-ROV for their water tank inspections. AUS-ROV Pty Ltd holds a Queensland Building and Construction Commission Plumbing and Drainage License and is permitted by law to inspect and maintain fire water tanks in Queensland.


Potable drinking water reservoirs

The new kids on the block... AUS-ROV have proven themselves to be an effective and prominent force in potable water reservoir inspection and cleaning services. Our dedicated potable water ROV's are equipped with High Definition 10x Optical Zoom Camera's which have the ability to inspect every component within a reservoir. We can achieve intimate detail of the internal roof structure without confined space entry of personnel. Our system has proven to be the best operation in Australia and we welcome your enquiry into how and why. When considering inspecting your potable water infrastructure, look to the new school. The professional, high tech, reliable and honest..........    AUS-ROV



AUS-ROV and partners have been working with Australian Desalination Plants since 2008 when ROV Downunder and SeaView Systems delivered Australia's first long distance intake tunnel inspections at Sydney Desalination Plant and Gold Coast Desalination Plant. Following this AUS-ROV has continued to provide unrivaled services to Adelaide Desalination Plant, Gold Coast Desalination Plant and multiple other water treatment facilities around Australia. Our customer satisfaction has meant continued work with the likes of Veolia Water, AdelaideAqua, Trility Water, SEQ Water, Origin, Santos, Sydney Water and many local councils and regional departments. 


water delivery mains, sewer and pipelines

AUS-ROV specialise in pipeline inspection services. We have teams operating CCTV Crawler Systems in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia. AUS-ROV can provide the worlds longest pipeline CCTV Crawler with a 6500m penetration capability. We can also deploy vertical crawling tracked and magnetic tracked inspection systems to inspect both horizontal and vertical internal sections of pipelines. We have an ROV with 750m tether that will fit into pipelines as small as 450mm diameter. As a manager of critical water infrastructure you want the best quality and highest accuracy of information when assessing the condition of your water assets. AUS-ROV will get you this information and ensure that it is delivered professionally and beyond satisfaction.


tunnels, culverts and channels

Flooded and partially flooded tunnels pose significant difficulties when attempting to perform comprehensive condition assessment. AUS-ROV not only provides specialised equipment to allow access to previously inaccessible areas, we also have the experience in performing long distance tunnel inspection projects in highly demanding environments.





Aquatic research and science

AUS-ROV share a passion for the environment and welcome opportunity to be involved in marine habitat and scientific surveys. With our in-house environmental scientist and botanist, you can be confident in the visual data collection and support AUS-ROV can offer your environmental project. With High Definition recording as standard, plus the option of adding 4K resolution external video camera fitted to the ROV, you can be certain AUS-ROV will enhance your scientist's capabilities when it comes to reviewing the footage for species identification and analysis.

AUS-ROV Turtle Monitoring Program

Benthic habitat survey

With an Environmental Scientist piloting the ROV, you can be certain that AUS-ROV can deliver in the field of science. We have conducted numerous benthic habitat surveys for environmental agencies and Government Departments and produce high quality, visually stimulating, professional reports including species identification services. Our USBL GPS tracking system ensures that transects are executed with accuracy and surveys can be repeated with confidence.

AUS-ROV Scientific Instrument

Scientific instrument deployment and recovery

With advances in technology and the ability of ROVs to reach depths beyond that which human divers can safely access, a new frontier in marine research has evolved. With varying payload capabilities, ROVs can support deployment, collection and recovery of instrumentation, monitoring equipment, samples and data. AUS-ROV have played an instrumental role in successful recovery of animal tracking devices as part of the higher biological monitoring of the marine environment for the Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) National Program.



Water sampling

AUS-ROV mechatronics department successfully developed and utilised a remote activated water sampling device in order to capture samples at depth. The trigger mechanism releases two spring loaded 100mL syringes per activation and the system can hold up to 10 syringes per outing. AUS-ROV has proven this system effective in the field and can can integrate the system with USBL Navigation for GPS and depth sensing for georeferencing of sample take locations.


Invasive species monitoring and neutralisation

AUS-ROV take an active interest in preservation of our marine ecosystems. Our love of the ocean has instilled us with aspiration to contribute to solving environmental challenges our planet is facing. One issue we have followed is the introduction of invasive species such as Crown of Thorns Starfish on our Great Barrier Reef. AUS-ROV has interest in collaborating with Universities and Institutes to help combat the devastating affect this species is having on our precious reef systems. We have research and development personnel to collaborate with and encourage others with similar interest to invest their ideas with our contributors. Together we can make a difference so if you are working on a solution and could benefit from ROV and Vessel operational support then please make contact with us today to discuss how we can achieve together.

AUS-ROV Documentary Filming of Dolphins

documentary filming and video production

AUS-ROV have the highest quality specifically designed and developed HD underwater zoom cameras which produce extremely high resolution video output. The quality of our systems, and professional delivery of our services; makes AUS-ROV a suitable candidate for any underwater filming job. We have professional media personnel available to support video editing an film production. We welcome opportunity to work with creative industries and film makers in order to deliver underwater filming that doesn't cost the earth. Contact us to discuss your project and view some high definition documentary quality video footage captured by our ROV's and skilled pilot technicians.

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Aquaculture is the farming of aquatic organisms including fish, molluscs, crustaceans and aquatic plants for human consumption, or for producing ornamental species and other products such as pearls. There are various stages of aquaculture operations including hatchery operations, nurseries and grow-out operations which farm fingerlings or juveniles to marketable sizes. Aquaculture can be carried out in freshwater, brackish water or marine water. There are a number of different systems that can be used for aquaculture, including ponds, tanks, pens and floating cages. It is this infrastructure that is critical to productivity and ROV technology has long been applied to this market as an effective and efficient solution for inspection and maintenance.


Fish pen inspections

Aquaculture companies involved in fish farming use ROV technology in many stages of production. AUS-ROV can perform inspection of nets to ensure fish security; minimising stock losses from fish escaping and from predators getting in. AUS-ROV perform mooring inspections, sea bed and water quality sampling, benthic testing and benthic macro invertebrate surveys. Aquaculture companies have a constant demand for ROV and Diver services and AUS-ROV is available to facilitate the implementation of these services. Should you require assistance in the management your aquaculture infrastructure through ROV delivered tasks then please contact AUS-ROV today.


Fish stock inspections

ROVs are heavily relied upon in fish farming for fish health monitoring, identifying disease, mortality or unusual behavior, and retrieval of 'mort' fish can also be carried out using ROV. AUS-ROV have a diverse spread of ROV technology and tooling for ensuring your fish stock integrity is maintained and the highest yield achieved for your aquaculture operation. If you would like to discuss how AUS-ROV can provide ROV services for fish stock inspection please send us an email at






Government bodies such as Police, Navy, Customs & Quarantine, Transport & Main Roads and Maritime Safety Authorities rely on ROV service providers to assist in underwater activities which may be outside the normal scope of their commercial divers capabilities. AUS-ROV supports these agencies, often under case sensitive confidential terms. Our ROV Pilot / Technicians are accustomed to working in high pressure environments, where time, sensitivity and care is imperative.


Search and recovery

An ROV's capacity for underwater search and recovery operations exceeds far beyond that of any other deep water search and recovery method. With enhancements like multi-beam sonar imagery, autonomous control and positioning, multifunction manipulators and USBL (Ultra Short BaseLine) tracking systems, any search and recovery task is achievable with the right ROV configuration. ROVs can be used to tie slings to lift submerged structures at extreme depths, or to place and retrieve scientific instruments, they can even been used to search and recover items from plane crashes and shipwrecks, and by emergency services to search for missing people.

AUS-ROV Biosecurity and Customs.jpg

customs and biosecurity

A countries economy and way of life can be impacted upon by various marine territorial threats. With human conflict around the globe on the rise, and ever increasing potential for terrorist activity, implementing an effective Maritime Security Strategy is vital to preservation of life and mitigating against safety risks. ROVs can be used for surveillance of coastlines and waterfronts in an effort to identify and eliminate potential threats. ROV’s can provide inspection of apprehended foreign vessels, risk assessment, compliance and search activities in relation to commercial vessels and pleasure craft entering and departing a countries territorial waters. Customs and Marine Border Protection can utilise ROV technology as a tool for investigations and prosecutions related to breaches of the border involving narcotics, prohibited goods, import fraud and duty evasion. AUS-ROV has the equipment, personnel and water craft to deliver a rapid response ROV solution in order to satisfy your Maritime Safety and Security requirements


explosive ordinance and threat detection

Our ROV Systems can be utilised for UXO detection. Using ROV, sonar and magnetometer technology to identify and clear sites, AUS-ROV can provide the right equipment and expert knowledge for mine detection.  We have the capability to assist clearance divers in early detection using imaging sonar and the right people with security clearance to head operations. Our operations personnel have experience in working in high pressure environments without supervision and can get the job done no matter how high the stakes.

Ship UWILD ROV Inspections AUS-ROV

Vessel Hull inspections

AUS-ROV’s highly advanced ROV Technology enables us to inspect ship hulls underwater in lieu of docking. An ROV can provide far greater video than a divers helmet cam as our pilots control is less effected by current and surge. The steadiness of the ROV footage allows for clear definitive imagery, allowing the 3.4U inspection surveyor to orchestrate the inspection through direct communication with the ROV Pilot. Rudder stock and pintle bearing clearances can be assessed by divers when inspection requires based on the surveyor’s assessment. To discuss UWILD inspection please contact us at or by calling +61 412 291 870.