aus-rov perform tracked and wheeled crawler inspections

AUS-ROV offer CCTV pipeline surveys using a range of Inspection Crawlers.

If you need a visual inside any pipeline or tunnel, wet or dry, vertical or horizontal, for whatever reason, AUS-ROV can provide the solution with a range of CCTV crawler vehicles on hand.

Sealed aluminum/stainless design withstands submersion to a maximum depth of 100m.

We have experienced ground teams in Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast. Work can be performed using WinCan V8 Reporting and is professionally executed in accordance with the Conduit Inspection and Reporting Code of Australia WSA05-2008.

Please forward any inquiries via email to or call us directly on +61 412 291 870.

"size, maneuverability and power let you travel up to 500m, overcoming debris and pipe damage to capture vivid inspection footage from all directions"

Vertical Crawler
Vertical Crawler
Vertical Crawler

AUS-ROV perform pipeline inspections with ninety degree bends both horizonally and vertically using the Vertical Crawling Versatrack VT100 Vertical ROV. This ROV is one of a kind and can be used in pipelines up to 450mm internal diameter.