The extremely compact design makes AC-ROV the most portable mini ROV in the world. This complete system can fit into once single carry case. The unit is one of the safest and quickest tools for conducting underwater inspections confined spaces as small as 190mm pipes. The mobility of the AC-ROV further sets it in it's own class. The four vector positioned horizontal thrusters operate in sync to manouvre the ROV forward, back and sideways. This is the thruster set up on the vast majority of serious commercial ROVs because lateral power and speed is as important as forward power and speed. One is used to get you to the target, the other is for keeping you face onto the target. More often than not any current at a target will not be head-on, but side-on, so serious inspection requires serious lateral flight  capability. There are also two vertical thrusters for up, down and tilt control. With a “fly through” size of 190mm and a “drop through” size of 210mm, the AC-ROV has the ability to access very small spaces. The unique AC-ROV thrusters do not have central shafts and the inward pointing blades do not meet. Apart from being resistant to fouling, they provide full bore equal thrust in both directions. The design results in an overall power to weight ratio 50 -100% greater than other small ROV. The unique and market leading attributes of the AC-ROV make it an invaluable asset and key tool to successful underwater inspections for AUS-ROV when dealing with tiny confined spaces.