VECTOR™ M5 is a portable high performance ROV system, combining superior power, telemetry andnpayload with ease of use, ruggedness and reliability—providing a powerful overall performance envelope and versatility compared to other vehicles of its class. It has five high performance thrusters — four vectored and one vertical.

The power and control system is network architectured for simplicity and ease of use, with multiple micro-processors providing redundancy and expanded capabilities. The design incorporates intuitive, computer-aided, always active diagnostics facilitating maintenance of the system in the harshest environments by technicians with a minimum of training.

Specially designed high performance brushless DC thrusters provide the highest power to weight ratio and reliability vs. other vehicles in this class.

The graphical user interface (GUI), with multiple menu screens, provides intuitive feedback and active user control for ease of vehicle handling, navigation, collection and display of sensor data, as well as setting and storing custom system configurations.

Fabricated using modern marine grade aluminum and composite materials, the chassis is totally modular with quick access to all the parts for ease of servicing and replacement as required. Constructed from polypropylene, the chassis is resilient, non-corroding and maintenance free. Ancillary equipment is easy to mount and integrate.