Wind energy and wave energy

Sustainability is a key focus of AUS-ROV's environmental objectives. Supporting renewable energies through ROV technology synthesises with our attitude and the direction humanity is heading. Our capability and experience with wind and wave technology extends across international waters. The renewable energy sector engages AUS-ROV and our partners for inspection and installation of critical infrastructure. If you are seeking highly experienced and qualified support for your renewable operation then drop us a line by clicking the button.


oil & Gas

Collaborating with the world leading expert on mooring chain failure, AUS-ROV Integrity Engineers inspect offshore structures with confidence. We perform light work class functions and deploy miniROV technology to inspect infrastructure to depths of 1000m and beyond where required. AUS-ROV provides inspection of offshore platform, jack up rig legs, SGS Legs, spud cans, FPSO turrets, moorings, risers and hulls. AUS-ROV’s specialist industry engineers with over 20 years’ experience oversee offshore inspections.  Our proven systems deliver high definition live video and can be integrated with a multitude of subsea tooling to perform almost any subsea job.  We can provide CSWIP 3.4U Inspectors, ROV Pilot / Technicians & Supervisors and the ROV technology and equipment desired to get the job done cheaper, more effectively, more efficiently, safer and with professional confidence.

AUS-ROV Pipeline Tracking System.jpg

Subsea pipelines & cables

AUS-ROV was established in collaboration with one of the worlds leading cable trenching experts whose lifetime's experience working on subsea cable and pipeline installations provides significant confidence in AUS-ROV. There are thousands of miles of pipes and cables beneath our oceans. Commercial, legal and operational considerations demand that these remain in good order. This requirement creates a constant need to verify location, condition and burial status. AUS-ROV can provide pre and post-survey for pipe and cable lay projects. Cable trenching support and depth of burial surveys can be carried out using our DOE M5 ROV integrated with Teledyne TSS or Innovatum SMARTRAK cable and pipeline locating systems. AUS-ROV can achieve your requirements at a fraction of the price of the multi-national ROV companies.