The revolutionary V8 Sii (Search, Identification and Intervention) is the latest edition to the AUS-ROV remotely-operated vehicle arsenal. With an eight T110 vectored thruster arrangement and extremely advanced control system, the V8 Sii allows it's Pilot to fly with 360° freedom of movement in six dimensions. Any desired angle and position can be held 
indefinitely, at any depth, as required. The Pilot Control Unit (PCU) provides all the controls an ROV Pilot needs to handle the V8 Sii in one simple handheld unit. These include speed, direction, depth, pitch, roll, trim, light intensity, camera pan and tilt and autopilot. The Surface Unit (SU) provides the power required to operate the V8 Sii ROV. For added safety it includes constant insulation monitoring with a warning LED as well as automatic cut-out. It also has an interface for all the inputs and outputs, such as telemetry, video, sonar, Ethernet, USB and RS-232. Ocean Modules provides a variety of cables for use with the V8 Sii ROV. The standard cable is a 12mm neutral buoyancy cable housing 
power conductors and three twisted pairs for control, video, sonar and other sensors. It is available for lengths of up to 500m and can withstand strain of up to 500kg. A fibre optic option is also available for HD video, longer tethers and higher bandwidth requirements.