AUS-ROV provide specialist services using a range of different inspection crawlers. From visual inspection within flooded or dry pipelines and tunnels, to Class Surveying ship hulls, AUS-ROV will provide a s solution with a range of CCTV crawler vehicles on hand.




The MicroMag™ mobile robotic inspection vehicle is compact, waterproof and magnetic. It can be rapidly deployed for many applications that exclude most ordinary remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

Vertical Crawler


inuktun VERSATRAX VT100 VERTICAL crawler™

The VT100 Vertical Crawler™ can achieve inspection within pipelines up to 450mm internal diameter. The system combines three Microtracs™ and an expandable tripod chassis to deliver a unique inspection system that can navigate multiple bends and vertical pipe segments. Constructed out of marine grade aluminum and stainless steel it is extremely durable and fully submersible for underwater or partially flooded applications.



ipek supervision cctv crawler

iPEK crawlers are suitable for inspecting pipelines from DN 100 up to DN 2000 mm.  A large variety of modular accessories allows to adjust the crawler configuration for the execution of many different inspection tasks. They are built tough for use under adverse conditions, the intuitive operability and the elaborated construction which has seen continuous improvements over decades through close cooperation with operators and customers.



teledyne seabotix VlbC 

The vLBV300 with crawler skid represents the ultimate in versatility with the ability to conduct traditional ROV inspections as well as crawler inspections. When inspections warrant the attachment to a hard surface the vLBC easily transitions to facilitate attachment to the surface (such as a ship hull). With dual tracks, powerful motor/gearboxes and lots of torque the vLBC can tackle various obstacles and has a maximum speed of 40 m/min. With the patented design the Vortex  VRAM  produces a vortex effect creating a strong 28 kg/f of attraction.