Our vision is for AUS-ROV to operate at absolute minimal cost to the environment. We seek to achieve this through careful analysis of the work environment of every project we undertake and by understanding and adhering to the relevant state or territories Environmental Protection Acts and theEnvironment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. We highly value the importance of environmental awareness and strive to lessen the impact our business has during the course of its daily operations.


AUS-ROV performs non-intrusive underwater inspections with the goal of providing an environmentally sustainable service to our customers.  We promote throughout our business activities, a work ethic in which protecting the environment is second nature.

We align our environmental policy with the objectives of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 and recognise the importance for the protection of the environment, especially those aspects of the environment that are matters of national environmental significance. 

In addition we promote ecologically sustainable development through conservation and ecologically sustainable use of natural resources. We believe in a co-operative approach to the protection and management of the environment involving governments, the community, land-holders and employees and we recognise the importance of indigenous people's involvement in the conservation and ecologically sustainable use of Australia’s biodiversity. 

AUS-ROV is a world leader in providing underwater inspection solutions and services for research and industrial clients and customers. AUS-ROV undertake offshore and onshore ROV operations, project management, subsea intervention and marine engineering, inspection, repair and maintenance to the global civil, industrial and marine operations sector.

Our vision includes recognition as a leading and preferred partner for providing environmentally responsible solutions to the challenges of our clients and customers. We are committed to the protection and maintenance of the environment through sustainable environmental management practices. AUS-ROV is committed to taking all necessary steps to prevent pollution or harm to natural, heritage and built environments. We will achieve our vision through:

  • Implementating and maintaining a documented Environmental Management System compliant with ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems Standard
  • Setting measurable environmental objectives and continual review and improvement of our Environmental Management System to reduce our environmental footprint and minimize the use of scarce resources where practicable
  • Ensuring our Environmental Management System is compliant with all relevant legislative requirements and with any customer driven initiatives which support their project operations, also taking into account local environmental conditions
  • Consulting with all relevant stakeholders and expected participants, ensuring they are aware of, coherant with, and involved in, our Environmental Management System
  • Ensuring our policies, objectives and achievements are communicated to all persons working for and on behalf of AUS-ROV
  • Reviewing the performance of the Environmental Management System against set objectives and targets

This policy applies to all activities conducted by, or on behalf of, AUS-ROV controlled activities. All managers are responsible for supporting and implementing this policy and all employees are responsible for being aware of and complying with this policy as it applies to their roles.

All persons engaged in AUS-ROV's operations are responsible for understanding, promoting and implementing this policy.