Aus-Rov Adelaide desal plant.jpg

AUS-ROV's Adrian and Alex Jahnke achieved 1380m of tunnel inspection at Adelaide Desalination Plant recently. The inspection was to identify if the chemical lines cover plates were still in tact since operations started a few years ago. The client was pleased to see this was the case and can rest assured that divers will not need to be called in to perform maintenance works. The inspection was carried out using a SeaBotix LBV300 with 750m of fibre optic umbilical. The tunnel was accessed from both offshore and onshore ends and allowed for approximately 1400m of horizontal tunnel to be inspected. AUS-ROV have just upgraded to a vLBV300 and are expanding our tunnel inspection capacity considerably. If you are in a position where your flooded tunnel needs inspection, AUS-ROV are the experts in Australia.