A pioneer in Australian mini-ROV service providers, AUS-ROV has the ability to mobilise over five different models of inspection class ROVs in Australia from our East Coast Workshop. This makes us a 'one stop shop' when it comes to ROV operational service providers in Australia, and we don't stop at the shoreline... AUS-ROV perform terrestrial pipeline inspections using crawler tractors and have Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) that perform aerial inspection, photography, 3D modelling & mapping.

ROV Green Dog


seabotix lbv

AUS-ROV's LBVs are rated to a depth of 200m.  They carry a high resolution colour camera and a low light black and white camera. This mini-ROV is perfect for penetrating small diameter pipelines to great distances. With a 750m fiber optic umbilical and 3000W Surface Power Supply, this ROV has proven to be an effective tool for inspection of underwater confined spaces and pipelines as well as quick deployment projects as the system can be checked in on airplanes.



Ocean-Modules V8 SII

The V8 SII is an ROV with a difference. It's ability to rotate 360 degrees on any given axis and hold any position makes the V8 SII the perfect candidate for inspection of offshore subsea installations where additional payload for inspection instrumentation comes in handy. The eight high powered vector arranged thrusters provide articulation for precision positioning in strong ocean currents and surge.



Seabotix VLBV

Comprising the latest in technological advances from Teledyne SeaBotix and custom modifications made in house, this mini-ROV comes with integrated Sony High Definition (HD) camera with 10x optical zoom and can be integrated with a high resolution sonars such as BlueView M900/2250khz or Gemini 700khz and a multitude of subsea tooling and instruments to assist in delivery of client tailored solutions.



access AC-ROV

This Mini-Micro AC-ROV is the smallest ROV in the world. It is suitable for use where entry can only be gained through small diameter access points. This mini-ROV is ideal for small diameter internal pipeline inspections or to gain insight into internal conditions within small confined spaces.



deep ocean engineering m5

Our light work class ROV is the workhorse of the fleet. The DOE M5 weighs in at 114kg and is the ideal setup for depth of burial surveys, long distance tunnel inspections and offshore operations. This ROV can carry payloads in excess of 50kg and has no trouble integrating with cable and pipeline tracking systems.




The FUSION is a breakthrough in hybrid underwater vehicles. A vastly different approach that combines AUV, ROV and DIVER Navigation/ Propulsion into one system. The elegant advancement combines a suite of high end bespoke sensors, which produces an efficient, capable and robust design.